Courses Offered

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PSY209 Brain & Behavior

The course provides an introduction in the field of behavioral neuroscience. It will cover a range of issues related to the function, development, and evolution of the brain. We will discuss how single neurons function within neural networks that enable us to think, feel and behave. We will also discuss the neural basis of motivation, cognition, learning, memory, and sleep and how aberrations in these processes may underlie various brain disorders.

PSY493 Neurobiology of Psychopathology

The course explores the neurobiological mechanisms that underlie psychopathologies. Emphasis will be on alterations in neurobiological systems underlying psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, autism, and schizophrenia. The impact of genetic and environmental risk factors will be discussed. A comprehensive overview will be given of current human and animal studies as well as drug treatments and new drug developments.