Lab Happenings 2013

December 2013

Caroline hosting a party at her home to celebrate that Kelly received an NIMH NRSA predoctoral fellowship.

September 2013

Laura Newman (’15) joins the lab. She is interested in the neural circuits underlying social behavior and how manipulation of various naturally occurring chemicals or external settings and upbringing changes this behavior.

September 2013

Celebrating with the lab that Alexa Veenema received the NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program award.

August 2013

Sofia Gilary (left), a sophomore at John Jay High School, is visiting the lab. She participates in a Science Research Program in which she will do research in our lab studying the role of oxytocin in the amygdala. On the photo, Sofia and Caroline Smith (right) perform histology on rat brain sections.

July 2013

Danielle Stolzenberg (left), Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at UC-Davis, is visiting the lab to help Alexa (right) and her lab members set up RT-PCR to determine potential sex differences in gene expression in the brain.

May 2013

Max Poehlmann, Master student at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany, joins the lab for a year to gain further research experience in behavioral neuroscience. Welcome Max!

April 2013

Lab party at Remco & Alexa’s.