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Lab Happenings 2017

October 2017

Celebrating with the lab that Christina won first place in the talk competition at the 2017 Michigan Regional Postdoctoral Symposium.


September 2017

Ann Marie Scazzero joins the lab as undergraduate student majoring in Neuroscience at MSU. Welcome to the lab, Ann Marie!


August 2017

Sang Yun (Henry) Yang joins the lab as graduate student in the Behavioral Neuroscience program. He received his BS in Psychology from the University of California-Davis in 2017, where he gained experience in behavioral neuroscience research by joining Dr. Karen Bales’s lab as undergraduate research assistant. Henry is interested in the neural mechanisms underlying complex social behavior and in particular in better understanding the regulatory roles of oxytocin and vasopressin in social play behavior in juvenile rats. Welcome to the lab, Henry!


August 2017

The annual MSU Neuroscience retreat was held at the beautiful Fredrik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids with the inevitable group photo in front of the neuron.


June 2017

For our lab outing, we went minigolfing at DeWitt Golf Center, where we also had delicious ice cream. Congrats to Christina, who was the big winner with 47 points (only 7 points above par)! Ashley came in second, and Justin came in third.


June 2017

Catherine Washington joins the lab as research technician & lab manager. She received her BS in Neuroscience from Michigan State University in 2017, where she gained experience in behavioral neuroscience research by joining Dr. Joe Lonstein’s lab as undergraduate research assistant. Cat is interested in understanding the neurobiology underlying disorders such as autism and anxiety and wishes to participate in efforts to make neuroscience research, and science in general, more accessible to the general public. Welcome to the lab, Cat!


May 2017

Congratulations to Harry Cheung, Cassie Gergely, Tessa Gillespie (left on photo), and Christine Yuan (right on photo) on graduating from Boston College! It was an honor and pleasure having you in the lab. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors!


April 2017

Proud to be participating with the lab in the March for Science at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, MI, with Ashley Chambers, Suhana Posani, Christina Reppucci, Alexa Veenema, Remco Bredewold and Justin Smith, as well as our future lab member Sophie!

January 2017

Ashley Chambers (class of ’19) and Suhana Posani (class of ’19) join the lab as undergraduate students. Welcome to the lab, Ashley and Suhana!


January 2017

First week at Michigan State University in photos: Unpacking the 120 boxes, getting the -80 into the lab with some handyman tricks, the lab is getting in shape, creative (temporary) office space, first data collection (!), and first lab dinner with Justin (Christina’s fiance), Christina, Justin, Remco, Alexa, and Cort.

January 2017

The Veenema lab has physically moved to Michigan State University with Alexa being appointed Associate Professor in Behavioral Neuroscience in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Program and bringing with her Remco Bredewold, Christina Reppucci, Justin Smith, and Cort Thompson, while Caroline Smith, Harry Cheung, Cassie Gergely, Tessa Gillespie, and Christine Yuan will stay at Boston College for their last semester to finish up their research.